Syra Beige Totebag

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An oversized utilitarian totebag. Perfect for your everyday throw-in-everything bag. Made of organic canvas with vegan leather trimming.

  • Width 32cm, Height 39cm, Length 30cm

  • -Do not wash the leather area, just wipe with damp cloth.
    -For the canvas area, use a dry soft-bristled brush or dry soft cloth to remove any excess dirt.
    -Make a mixture of a small amount of laundry soap and warm water.
    -Dip a soft sponge into the laundry soap mixture and gently clean the affected areas.
    -Rinse the soap out of the sponge with warm water and then use the sponge to gently remove any excess detergent from the canvas.
    -Allow the bag to air dry in the shade at room temperature.

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